The Miseducation of Crackers


Happy Mondays, kids! Over the weekend I noticed a lot of right-wing websites up in a tizzy over a tweet that was made in regards to the situation STILL brewing in Ferguson, Missouri. Now, normally it would be par for course for black Twitterers to use such racist and willfully-ignorant language, but this one was different: the offending poster happened to be a high school English teacher employed by Duncanville ISD here in Texas. That made this less of a one-sided political witch hunt, and far more of a newsworthy story in which local education authorities will need to address.

And hardly to my surprise, they did.

“So what’s the issue?” you might have been indoctrinated to think. Well, Duncanville HS is on a fairly even keel when it comes to demographics regarding ethnicity, despite the makeup of Hispanics/Latinos being on the high end. So I would expect a teacher -even a ‘strong, black woman’- to be a little more mindful of the things she says. No one is telling her not to espouse hate in her heart, but she COULD try keeping that shit to herself. I could see it being no big deal on a campus with a little darker volume of students, as the handful of white students will have probably learned to take it all in stride regarding Beat Up White People Day, as well as blatant and unapologetic prejudice from teachers and administration.

Actually, you know what? Fuck that noise. It’s stupid.

If you’re a teacher, you’re on a colorless plain of transparency. Critical Race Theory might mean something to your average liberal black college hatemonger. But here in the realm of education, even black people can be racists. I wish that notion was more universal, but fortunately this is one situation where the line must be toed. Even the ONE off-color student in your class must be given equal footing if they’re expected to become something greater than they are later in life. And YOU, Vinita Hedgwood, are too much of a dumb fucking cunt to recognize that. So good goddamn riddance to ya.

Besides, no self-respecting English teacher would ever write that bullshit sentence structure.

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