LIFE Matters


Hiya kids! Consider this shit-piece a bit late in the game, but I want to put my two cents in on this subject (actually it’ll be less than two cents; I haven’t made a goddamn dime off this site, which is officially 2 years old this month, by the way.) You see, I’ve actually been a proponent of this movement, and understand fully what Black Lives Matter is supposed to mean. Yes, ALL lives matter, but recurring years of judicial inequality reveals that black lives SHOULD matter as much as everyone else. However, the reason I know this is because I’m a reasonably intelligent person. Unfortunately, one must constantly be reminded of an old quote by George Carlin: “Think of someone you know who is of average intelligence. Then remember half the world is dumber than that guy.” With that in mind, it’s very likely those who spearhead the #BlackLivesMatter movement fit into the far spectrum of the ridiculously dumbassed half of the world’s population. Why? Because rather than reaching out to them, they choose to ostracize their white allies. They vocally spew hateful rhetoric against cops, and when NINE of their fellow dumbfucks act upon that rhetoric in the span of a week, they pretend like it had nothing to do with them. It’s similar to Critical Race Theory; saying racist shit about white people –actually, ANYONE who is not black, really- then pretending that due to centuries of “systemic, institutionalized oppression” they cannot be racist by their own definition (not the ACTUAL definition, mind you.)

In reality it’s just a good excuse for bad behavior. And unfortunately for people experiencing tangible racism in their lives, these boys who constantly cry wolf are fucking up whatever chance they may have for resolve.

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