Is Liberalism A Disease?

Well, quelle-fucking-surprise, yet ANOTHER video has been released exposing a lunch conversation where a Planned Parenthood director is alleged to admitting they violate US Code by altering their procedures to keep fetuses intact for research. And while I can lambast away at the organization for being so brazenly STUPID that they admit to cooking books in order to profit from fetal tissue sales, I’d like to focus instead on another disturbing group: the SJW fuckheads who’re desperately digging for fire and ice skating uphill in defense of these cunts. You know, for a good portion of my life I would consider myself a pretty staunch conservative, and even then I was leery of classifying liberals as a four-letter word or a mental illness, mostly because it was naked and cruel. But also it was because I have very dear friends who identify as liberals, and frankly I cannot see them letting their emotions overwhelm their pragmatism when it comes to situations such as this.

But this further incident has shed light that maybe SOME so-called liberals might be suffering from serious issues, considering the flurry of responses I’ve seen as of late.

I’m sorry, just telling it like I see it. And don’t get me wrong; conservatives can be pretty goddamned batty all the time as well. But this message isn’t for them. It’s for YOU, Dear Liberal: the one who recognizes themselves as morally and intellectually superior to others. In other words, BETTER people. Because I’m afraid you can’t call yourself any of these adjectives if you’ve recently thought or said the list of shit I’m about to hand you.

Now, first off, there is really only one rebuttle thus far that has any credence whatsoever, and that is the videos in question do need to be shown in their entirety. Given the history of the organization revealing these slights in Planned Parenthood, one could make a strong case that they somehow DID manage to edit the videos in such a way that the PP employees said something they really didn’t. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t believe this shit for one second. You can edit pieces of a conversation to make things taken out of context. But these dumb bitches were making some pretty damnable sentences, so I hardly see how you can discredit that based on mad editing skills. But for the sake of verity, I agree they should release the unedited material, if only to shut up the naysayers.

Only it sure as fuck would NOT shut up some of you assholes.

Which leads us to today’s focal point in this article: if you’ve said any of the following regarding this recent revelation, you may be the reason some folks think liberalism is a disease:

STATEMENT: “If the woman says it’s okay to donate, then that’s all there is to it. You’re just being anti-woman/misogynist/anti-choice…”
WHY IT’S BULLSHIT: What the fuck does that have to do with these women making money off the remains? Granted, the happy horseshit crew of GOP in the Senate DID try to use these videos to completely defund PP. But I just want to know why some motherfuckers aren’t sitting in jail, which leads to the second statement quite nicely…

STATEMENT: “Eh, who cares if it’s against the law. It’s kind of a big gray area anyway…”
WHY IT’S BULLSHIT: NO. If you don’t like the way the law is written, ask your representative to get it changed. Ignorance –or your personal distaste- of the law does not negate the law. Oh, and you want to know the type of people who think laws have ‘gray areas?’ People who don’t like the clear, concise, and concrete way the law was written, as it doesn’t suit their agenda. Goddamned classless hippies.

STATEMENT: “Until they’re out the womb, they’re not babies, they’re zygotes/parasites…”
WHY IT’S BULLSHIT: Because it is, but at least this person has exposed the root of their own issue: Imagining something is something less so they don’t have to care as much. And man, that really DOES sound like crazy shit.

So there you have it, kids. If you encounter someone sweaty-toothed enough to blurt out these nonsensical ramblings, please don’t mock them, as they are sincerely troubled. Just ignore them, really. There’s also a certain degree of perpetual adolescence needed to say such tripe, so you’re likely just feeding a troll.

But my own opinion is that what these women are doing is indefensible, and a thorough investigation needs to be made against Planned Parenthood. No, I don’t think the organization needs to fold if it’s been revealed that they have been making money for their regions or even lining their own pockets. But if they’re willing to adjust line items, juke the balance statement, or even bloat the G&A a bit per specimen, then what else are they doing? I saw a woman nonchalantly eating a salad and sipping wine while she talked about dead babies as if they were a PRODUCT. It doesn’t seem much like a stretch then to wonder if perhaps these same clinics are encouraging their employees to lie to the women using them and say their baby has some nonexistent issue and needs to be aborted just so they can keep their monthly windfall. Really, is that so hard to believe? Eh, maybe. But until an investigation and audit is launched against PP, we’ll never know one way or another.

And if these videos help launch said investigation, then the best thing you can do is just get the fuck out of the way, nutjobs.

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