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Fatter Days Monday: Froo Froo Beer Edition


Happy Mondays, kids! You know, I used to be likeminded with that fat guy in the strip above (who is unrelated to anyone on the 517 underground forums, by the way; RIP, goddammit.) No fruit in beer EVER was somehow my motto for a long time there, which included a staunch opposition to even adding lime to a Corona (although most of that was because the lime addition makes me drink them twice as fast, which was already fast enough.) But then I was the fortunate recipient of a beer called Blood and Honey from the Revolver Brewery in Granbury, TX. And it not only opened my tastebuds to the possibility that unfiltered wheat ales aren’t so bad, but also the infusion of blood orange and local honey won’t somehow emasculate me. And the reason it won’t emasculate me? Because I no longer give a fuck what people see me drinking, which is just about as fucking MANLY as a guy can get.

Also, Shiner Ruby Redbird is crisp and delicious, which is everything I look for in a breakfast beer.

Anyway, I’m heading to the Revolver Brewery this Saturday for the ‘tour.’ Please distract the authorities.