BREAKING NEWS: Feminists Suck


Happy Mondays, kids! As you are probably already aware, we made history last weekend, scientists last week managed to land a spacecraft ON A FUCKING COMET. That’s a pretty big deal, right? Not even Kim Kardashian’s ample buttocks could achieve such notoriety (but God bless her for trying!) Anyway, one of the scientists in charge of the Rosetta mission, Matt Taylor, decided to wear a tacky-assed Hawaiian shirt adorned with sexy pin-up girls whilst divulging this achievement on national television.

And feminists everywhere collectively lit the fuse on their tampons.

That’s right, while everyone else was in great awe of such a milestone for humanity, some dumb bitches decided to use this as a forum to express their misbegotten angst over a shirt. Now, I know what you might be thinking right now: “Aw shit, Jason’s about to go off on yet another sexist rant, repeatedly calling feminists ‘cunts’” But no, I’m afraid we won’t lose our shit over such small potatoes today. Why? Because THIS is proof-positive that when it comes to science and feminism, much like science and religion, the twain should ne’er meet. You see, modern feminism has jack shit to do with equal footing in the world, and EVERYTHING to do with a concentrated movement to belittle and delegitimize the status of heterosexual males everywhere. They use tired pat topics to prove a point, however no forethought, research, or even acknowledgment of certain variables are considered when they draw their conclusions. For example, women bitch and moan these days about income inequality. However, their test data CONVENIENTLY tends to leave out certain situations like them taking a few years off to raise their children, or using occupations that are generally male-centric when it comes to job desire. If you look at a Texas teacher with a Bachelor’s degree that has worked in schools for five years, you’ll see absolutely NO difference in income. But what’s that? The female took a few years off to raise her kid, then is surprised when she sees her male colleagues making more than she did? Yeah, apples and oranges, fucker.

But wait, we were rustling our jimmies over a SHIRT, right? Well, ask yourself this: if a female wore that shirt, would SHE be badgered to apologize? Sure, no doubt it would offend a few misguided fuckheads here and there. But such fuckheadery to the nth degree would hardly be considered.

Your movement bears little regard to equality, and has everything to do with exclusivity, ‘ladies.’

And, once again much like religion, is largely based on LIES.

Go fuck yourselves, femicunts. Let science prevail!

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Feminists Suck

  1. PiE

    Feminists are lesser women with an axe to grind about not getting fucked properly as a child .. or getting fucked too well and liking it (not sure which yet) and then having to move away because uncle chester doesnt like fat girls anymore …….

    And ugly men get saddled with these unstable sexual timebombs every fuckin time … :/

    I hate the dating scene of 2014

    1. jason Post author

      I just know they are the very fount of hypocrisy, seeing as how they line the streets in protest of a patriarchal society that judges women by their appearance rather than their achievements, only to do that very thing to a man. And this mindset is taught in universities everywhere. FML


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