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Salute Your Shorts

Happy Mondays, peckerheads! Yeah, yeah. Been a while since I posted on here. Eh, let’s chalk it down to the world being overconsumed with dickheaded narcissism. And I wasn’t interested in contributing, really.

Also I forgot to pay the annual fee for the domain name.

But alas, now I’m back. And since there seems to be no seeming end to the burgeoning sociopathy, what the hell, let’s contribute! The hashtag du jour today seems to have gotten a few feathers ruffled. #ISaluteWhitePeople is trending, but mostly in an ironic fashion, which I believe is the point. I’m frankly sick of these stupid fucks who babble about eliminating racism, and then pigeonhole and insult white people under the same breath. Do they even realize their hypocrisy? Black Twitter collectively dons hoods to lash out at a 13-year-old white girls for wearing box braids, accusing her of appropriating black culture. But when asked why black girls feel the need to relax their hair, or wear blond wigs, they claim they’re merely ‘assimilating.’ Remind me what the fucking difference is here? I mean, other than the fact that it’s just a bullshit smattering of words parroted around in order to try and confuse the rebuttle. Recently Rooney Mara was given the role of Tiger Lily in the new live-action Peter Pan adaptation, and people of color lost their shit that the role wasn’t given to an ACTUAL Native American. But did anyone bitch when a black dude and an Asian dude appropriated white roles in the Thor movies? Well, people of color did. They wanted Marvel to give them MORE characters. The cup is never full for some of these fucking babies.

And that’s what I think this #ISaluteWhitePeople is all about. It’s to force these hateful assholes out into the open. One black dude tried to be ironic by tweeting “#ISaluteWhitePeople because white people are so fragile they need to constantly validate themselves.’ I’m surprised he didn’t hashtag #blackpower behind it, honestly.

And then there’s this dude.

Okay, where do we begin? First off, if that was tea you were drinking, it was some weak piss, buddy. Secondly, I’m loathe to listen to ANYTHING some guy with a manbun is saying. But yeah, you have a point, but you seem to have also missed the point of the hashtag. Also, clean your fucking apartment, ya big nasty. Fuck any advice you may have.

And finally, if you’re going to lambast white folks for centuries of slavery, you might want to remember your own peoples’ history:


All in all, I guess it’s not a terrible thing to love being white. It’s just when you’re the perceived ‘superiority,’ it just comes off as ridiculous. So I’m hoping this trend is an attempt to make humanity a little more ‘woke.’ I don’t think some of the ones protesting and mocking this realize they take liberties at insulting whites the same way my great grandfather’s generation openly mocked blacks. History is repeating itself far too much. We should just try and not be assholes about this stuff.

Oh, and if #ISaluteWhitePeople ISN’T meant to be ironic, then it’s just dumb as fuck.