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A Blogger’s Rebuttle To Another Blogger’s Facts

By now I’m sure you’ve been made privy to the video embedded above. If not, here’s the tl;dr version: The Director of Shitting Out Dead Babies over at Planned Parenthood was lured by anti-abortion activists posing as employees of a biotech firm to having a lunch discussion allegedly over the purchase of fetal tissues and organs. Turns out the activists are part of an organization with historical practice of heavily editing videotaped conversations with people in such a way as to take the conversation out of context. But we’ll delve into that more in a little bit. First, I’d like to address an article I was unfortunately clickbaited into reading (this shit seems to be happening to me a lot lately; just yesterday I clicked on an article titled “22 Reasons Bras Aren’t Optional,” and was surprised that I didn’t see only 11 pictures associated with the list.) Daily Kos, in its infinite struggle to create a liberal hivemind of petulant contrarianism, transcripted a video by blogger Rebecca Watson titled Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Baby Parts, You Fucking Idiot, because, y’know, calling someone an idiot is a surefire way of getting them to evolve more in their worldview. Anyway, I read this shit-piece expecting all sorts of scientific know-how and Explain Like I’m Five breakdowns of why there’s without a shadow of a doubt NO FUCKING WAY Planned Parenthood was selling dead baby parts. Instead I got this valley girl bullshit:

So yeah, there’s the fact that Planned Parenthood obviously isn’t “selling baby parts.”


So now I’ve decided to put fingers to keyboard and rebut some of her reasons it’s so OBVIOUS that like, PP isn’t gagging womens’ gunches with a spoon and carefully scooping out intact organs for medical stem cell research. Totally. For realsies.

Oh, and I’m subtitling this piece: “Who The Fuck Are You To Know That, You Ridiculous Twat?”

You see, edited or not, there WAS talk between Deborah Nucatola and the activists about purchase of specimens (Between $30 to $100, apparently for dead baby dicks or something.) 42 USC 274e explains, I believe quite succinctly, the difference between purchasing organs and the reasonable expenses associated with the prep and logistics of donated tissue and organs. “But, but, but Deborah Watson said only 3% of PP’s activities are abortions related!” you might ask. And I admire that inquisitiveness, because it suggest you might wonder more about what that means. Or you might be like me and say, “So abortion services only ran PP about $327K in 2014, good to know. But when a tiny vial of stem cells could run to thousands of dollars, WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!?!?!” Here’s the thing: The law states that fetal remains may be donated, but it doesn’t shuffle its fucking feet when it says NO ONE CAN PROFIT FROM IT. So talk about $30 to $100 per specimen should raise a red flag from the start, at least half-mast. Talk about ‘middlemen’ who pay fees to providers such as Planned Parenthood in order to procure specimens for medical research firms should put that flag all the way up. The NIH spent $76 million last year on fetal tissue research, doling out grants to several universities. If everyone is on the up and up with this, why the fuck was there a lunch discussion in the first place? Why did Nucatola stress that the organization doesn’t want it to look like they’re making money from selling these specimens? She said it, the whole thing at once, I don’t give a squat fuck if the rest of the paragraph might have been removed for whatever devious reasons.

We can’t simply draw conclusions that PP is actually violating US Code, or at least treading the Kuiper Belt of an alleged ‘gray area’ regarding processing fees for fetal tissue donation. But until we receive a thorough audit, we cannot definitively say whether they are or are not actually selling dead baby parts.

So my dear Rebecca Watson, until said audit occurs, maybe you shouldn’t feel so cemented in your knowledge that they aren’t committing a grave fucking felony. Oh, and do something about those jacked up eyebrows. You look like a fucking idiot.

Pure Flaggotry

Yee-haw!  Trucker hats gotta go, too!

Yee-haw! Trucker hats gotta go, too!

Happy Mondays, kids! Hey, guess what! We did it! We finally took that nasty old Confederate battleflag a bunch of toothless yokels tried to repurpose as a symbol of Southern pride and heritage and COMPLETELY dissolved it from the annals of history! Why? Because FUCK THAT FLAG! I don’t need a constant reminder of the dehumanizing slavery and pre-civil rights/KKK/Jim Crow shit that piece of cloth symbolizes to a reasonable, nonracist, modern thinker today.

I get that shit already on my daily self-induced White Privilege check.

I mean, I could only check off the first question, but somehow still...

I mean, I could only check off the first question, but somehow still…

In fact, I think this should only be the beginning of our country’s Ostrich Syndrome regarding symbols of hate and past wrongdoings. What’s funny is we jumped on the bandwagon to rid the world of the Confederate flag when there is an older, more enveloping symbol of the vitriol and prejudice this country had toward black people:

The Democrat Party.

Now now, hear me out on this one. I get it. Heard the same damn shit over and over: “The Democrats of today greatly differ from the members 50+ years ago.” So fucking what? It still is a symbol of a party directly involved with tearing this country apart. It was a political position used exclusively by the largest hate group in our country to keep people oppressed. Much like the Confederate flag and its advocates who continuously blather shit about ‘heritage, not hate,’ there are still people out there who recognize the Democrats as the party of the KKK, so we should stop using the name altogether. It’s not like there aren’t still racists in the party. Surely you’re not so stupid that you think every liberal-minded, card-carrying fan o’ the jackass lacks that special sense of ignorance, hearsay, and irrational disgust that comes with racism, do you? Hell, there are Democrats who’ve been Democrats for over 50 years. You’re gonna tell me all these guys just STOPPED being assholes?

So there you have it, folks. We’re on a really great momentum here with this whole “Dissolve Racism By Hiding It Better” agenda we have going. But if we’re to truly let go of our hateful past, we’ve still got a lot of work to do. And stopping calling yourself a Democrat is now paramount on said list, considering the higher-than-equal footing it has on our nation’s racist history as opposed to some stupid flag.

I mean, otherwise you’d just look like a bunch of fucking hypocrites and this whole damn thing wouldn’t make any sense, right?