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No Prophet In Loss

That's actually considered 'casual wear' for GPD.

That’s actually considered ‘casual wear’ for GPD.

Happy Mondays, kids! So, I can only assume some of you have been made aware of a shooting that happened 20 minutes away from Casa del Fatters this weekend. Armed gunmen entered an auditorium in Garland where an art symposium was being held to honor the prophet Muhammad by painting his visage. At least that was the intent, right? Surely no one would be such a petulant dickhead and create an open exhibit called Draw the Prophet if they knew it was considered offensive by, well, pretty much ALL muslims.

Oh wait, I guess you would if you were a member of an organization considered a ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Look, I get it; I do. We as Americans should be able to draw a picture of some bearded, turban-donning dude and call him Muhammad without fear of getting our patriotic asses shot off. But I equate this to burning the flag: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and the message you’re trying to convey will be read by reasonable people as the playground taunts of children. Seriously, this shit could have gone an entirely different direction. The headlines could have read Bomb Explodes in Garland Killing Hundreds of Gun-Toting Rednecks and Innocents Nearby, followed by a shit-ton of articles on why this was an irresponsible setup for extremists. Oh, and Garland ISD might want to find a few expendable scapegoats to drown out the questions on why one of their facilities was used for this blatantly insulting event.

But instead we get a 15 second shootout, some dead ISIS assholes, and everyone patting each other on their high-powered assault dicks for exposing the ‘religion of peace’ for what it really is: comprised of a smaller group of hypersensitive idiots who think their deaths matter more than their lives.