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I Want People Who Want People Fired Fired!

The video above is a few weeks old now, but for those of you unaware of its premise, allow me to lay it out for you: a used car dealership orders $42 worth of pizza, and hands the driver 2 $5’s and 2 $20’s. Now, since the guy only had to utilize a second grader’s level of math skills, he naturally assumed the extra $7 was a tip (although he asked the person handing him the money just to make sure.) Anyway, when he returns to the pizza parlor, he’s told by the manager that the dealership called and wants him to bring their change back. Understandably upset at having to waste his gas money, he begrudgingly returns to the lot and, while handing some shit-eyed fat hobbit the $7 back, asks them why the fuck they would hand him a five dollar bill only for him to hand it right back to them. And, since the dealership only seems to hire truly special cases, they took immediate offense. The nasal cunt in the green hat threatens to put her foot in his ass, and the sweaty pork roll in the chair immediately channels Al Pacino, ordering for them to call the manager and owner to make sure this guy doesn’t have a job to return to.

To add stupid to the audacious, the fat, balding troll thinks it would be funny to post the exchange on YouTube, assuming they were on the right side of history in this situation. Well, needless to say, the Internet knew better, and collectively handed each of them their asses.

Well, at least everyone but the fat fuck who wanted the guy fired.

Sure, there were a lot of assholes on the Internet chomping at the bit to make sure all these fucksticks got their comeuppance. And Green-Hatted Cunt and Dipshit With the Dipshit Eyes DID manage to find themselves no longer needed at F&R Auto Sales in Massachusetts. However, despite myriad voices calling out for termination, the fat guy who wanted him fired got to keep his job as Finance Manager (here’s his Facebook page, if you feel inclined to let him know he still sucks.)

And you know what? GOOD. Let him keep his job.

Are we so myopic that we simply cannot care one way or the other if someone is having an ‘off day?’ My God, what kind of ASSHOLE wishes for someone’s misfortune? Sure, the guy was a dick for wanting him fired. But are we any better for wanting HIM fired? The answer is NO. Shit’s hard enough these days. The guy has a couple kids from different skanky women (who I assume conceived their children by grease-gliding down his chest until they hit the dickbrake.) In all fairness, they have no control over how rotten their Pops happens to be. But shit, let the man provide for them! If you’re truly taken aback by the antics of used car salesmen, then A) Have you not paid any attention to the goddamn stereotype? And B) DON’T BUY SHIT FROM THEM, THEN.

Besides, karma already hit this loser HARD. Stop pretending like you really care that much.

Effing Double Standards


Happy Mondays, kids. This graphic explains the sheer futility and desperation of the modern femicunt movement. ‘Nuff said, frankly.

And yet universities and workplaces still kowtow to the fringe. Un-fucking-believable.

Spread of Misinformation

494.14- 70" Filler Card-B

The ad above was recently posted to MTA subway cars in New York, because apparently there’s an epidemic of men callously spreading their legs so wide as to take up two seat spaces. And if there truly is an excess amount of guidos indian-squatting on the subway, then yes, let’s make a big deal out of it.

But I don’t think this is that bad an issue.

No, I believe this is a prime example of ‘feminists’ promoting their sordid agenda. In fact, we need to figure out another word for them, because feminism in itself, much like liberalism, is a sincere, respectful cause, and should never be treated with any sort of scrutiny. Unfortunately, there are some radicals out there who take this mantle and use it to obtain exclusivity rather than equality. So feminists, they are NOT. How about ‘cunts?’ Would that be a good word? Yeah, let’s use that.

Anyway, a bunch of cunts got together and noticed guys would tend to spread their legs a bit whilst using public transportation. And then they decided to pretend like they didn’t know why a guy would feel the need to do this (if you’re on the far end of having a clue yourself, I’ll give you a hint: they’re round, covered in scrotum, and mine taste DELICIOUS.) So they started an online smear campaign, making it seem as though this ‘manspreading’ was a little more deliberate than it actually is. Then the pedantic fucksticks at the MTA decided to be little bitches and try to appease these selfsame cunts, all under the auspice of ‘iniquity.’

But would you like to know the REAL iniquity behind all this? If the MTA were to put up ads asking women not to place their handbags on the empty seats next to them, these same women would LOSE THEIR SHIT. You’d hear all sorts of bullshit about it, stuff like, “How DARE you treat this like it’s somehow equal to taking up two seats with your legs? Don’t you know women have to constantly worry about being raped, and the only small comfort we can obtain when on the subway is knowing that a potential attacker can’t sit next to them if the seat is being used by a handbag?” Yeah, I know it’s painting with a broad stroke, but I’ve seen enough posts by fat fucking cows with horn-rimmed glasses to know it’s right there in their bag of pat responses.

So here’s the deal, fellas: spread your goddamn legs. Air those suckers right the fuck out. Maybe even wear short shorts whilst doing so (but stay out of Chelsea and Greenwich Village, just to be careful.) If you’re taking up too much space, DON’T. I’m not asking anyone to be an asshole, just don’t fall victim to this deliberate attack on the male genitalia. And if someone comes up to you and tries to tell you to stop ‘manspreading,’ you simply explain to the dumb cunt that you’ll gladly let your balls overheat the moment they put up signs discouraging handbagging on subways.

Because if you want to preach equality, you’re just gonna have to learn it fucking sucks for EVERYONE.