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Plainclothes Officer Attacks 12-Year-Old

Actress Sarah Doneghy caught this footage of NYPD officers assaulting black preteens right before they arrested them, one can only assume for getting negro all over their knuckles. The call was put out for two yout’s pushing down a fellow classmate. However, the victim told the police that they were not them ones who committed the assault. Onlookers kept yelling that the boy who was repeatedly punched by the special needs guido fuck was only 12. However, NYPD stated that the boy was actually 16, and had a history of arrests (probably for being black; not that a ‘history’ of ANYFUCKINGTHING justifies the current arrest.)

Look, I’m gonna come right out and say it. The next time you’re waltzing down the street and see some officer try and justify excessive force and unlawful detainment of a young person of color, find the nearest bottle and THROW IT AT THAT MOTHERFUCKER. Whether or not he’s 12 or 16, or even if he HAD assaulted someone and was resisting arrest, the adult in the camo jacket had no legal right to assault him. These people are not enforcing LAW, they’re upholding tyranny.

Fuck these jackbooted cocksuckers. I’m fucking DONE.

A Torturous Display of Opposition

Okay, I was looking for a picture of an ACTUAL iron maiden.  I regret NOTHING.

Okay, I was looking for a picture of an ACTUAL iron maiden. I regret NOTHING.

Happy Mondays, kids! So, the topic du mois happens to be the Senate revealing CIA’s torture report. Naturally, this led to the usual polarizing effect on people. the conservatives think it’s just a convenient way of taking the limelight off Dr. Jonathon Gruber’s revelation that the ACA was deliberately duped into law through the sheer stupidity of the constituents. And since they couldn’t exactly call an MIT professor of economics and idiot (but HOLY SHIT they tried,) Senatrix Dianne Feinstein rolled out a report reminding the same group of dumbasses about all that waterboarding that was such a big fucking deal years ago. But here’s the thing: I’m highly reticent of the whole practice, personally. But not for the highly myopic reasons most liberals would take exception to. You see, most people would say torture during interrogation is something the ‘bad guys’ do, and ‘Murica ain’t the bad guys. But I stopped believing we were the good guys a long time ago.

Good guys don’t tell other countries to get rid of their nuclear stockpile, all the while hoarding the same arsenal.

Good guys don’t let their LEO’s kill people without seeing a fair trial.

Good guys don’t spend more than what is fiscally recoverable.

Good guys don’t cater to the fringe at the expense of the majority.

Good guys don’t shit on the public trust.

No, the reason I don’t like the use of torture as a means of interrogation is because it won’t accomplish the goal: finding out the truth. A guy with battery cables clamped to his nutsack will tell you ANYTHING to get out of his predicament. Same goes for confidential informants. “What’s that? I tell you where I found all these drugs in my possession, and I won’t rot in jail? Well then, I got them from my father-in-law.” And you know who keeps telling us that these ‘methods of interrogation’ actually work? The fuckers doing the torture. Don’t expect the truth from someone in that position; they probably don’t care about the truth anyway. “But Jason,” you may be asking, “Are you saying these are sadistic fucks who torture simply for the sake and enjoyment of it all?” Well, do you know of any OTHER animals on this planet that will abuse its own species, and take pleasure in the act?

Admittedly, I’ve been on Tumblr way too much recently.

Anyway, back to that whole ‘we’re not the good guys anymore, if we ever were in the first place’ spiel. I’ve noticed this mindset hasn’t garnered me much support on Facebook lately, even causing some people to question my patriotism. And to those of you who have these question, I can only say this: FUCK YOU (by jingo!) I may not have a lot of faith in our government enforcing the notion that we’re the good guys, but I couldn’t be more positive that your average citizen and soldier is as close to being the good guys as they come. Especially the soldiers. And I’d hate to dissuade some young grunt out there about to give his life for his country to think it’s not worth it because our officials are despotic assholes. He shouldn’t be fighting for those fuckers anyway. His goal should be preserving the freedom of his fellow citizenry to take up arms one day and tell these selfsame despots that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No more ‘thin blue lines.’ No more career politicians.


Maybe we’re just clamping the wrong nutsacks.