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Happy 1st Birthday,!


Happy Mondays, kids! Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary that I got my shit together and finally created my own website (this one, if it’s not already obvious.) And let me tell you, it’s certainly had its ups and downs. There were times when I thought the whole idea was a ridiculous podium for a narcissistic and overinflated ego. After all, I was the front page writer for Revenge World and Steak and Cheese, dammit! Surely once the soaring masses discovered I went solo, my hit count would go up exponentially, right?

Well, turns out I never took out a mailing list back then, so I don’t know how to get in touch with those assholes.

And thus, this site turned out to be just a tad less than a vainglorious attempt at becoming Internet famous (again.) Really, it’s just me barking about shit that pisses me off to maybe a handful of folks. But that’s perfectly fine, because I discovered something that happened to me over the years: I’ve been lying to myself about what I truly believe in. It was only after I gave myself a medium to write down whatever I want, unencumbered by authority figures and heavy Facebook-based influence, that I realized I was just a bit more liberal than I wanted to believe. And you know what? That’s okay? Being somewhat liberal-minded doesn’t have to have such an ugly stigma attached to it; giving a fuck about those less fortunate than you should be applauded, not vilified.

Bear in mind, though, I’m no Democrat. They only care about implementing policies solely for poor people, which I currently am not.

I’m also far removed from the Republican Party, as conversely they only give a shit about helping the rich. Once again, I don’t fit in that category.

No, I like to think has helped solidify my decision to label myself a libertarian. They seem to be the only ones wanting to help out the middle class, aka THE GODDAMN MAJORITY. Seriously, how fucked is it that the top two parties only cater to the fringe? Why are we keeping these idiots in power?

Anyway, we rolled the odometer over one more year, chaps. Here’s to many, many more.

Thanks for hopping aboard for the ride.