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Good To Know


Recently a 9-year-old girl killed an instructor at a gun range with a fully-automatic Uzi. Naturally the anti-gun ASSHOLES (I won’t call them liberals; a person who truly cares for the well-being of those less fortunate should be commended, and these guys are doing their thing simply for the sake of being fucking pricks) went full-on batshit mendaciousness in yet another desperate bid to rid guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens. The next time some fuckheaded concern troll or lying asshole tries to remind you of the dangers of gun ownership, show them this.

Facts are kryptonite to cocksuckers.

4chan 10000+, Femishits 0


Is it wrong of me not to give one iota of shit about women’s rights, as is currently interpreted? I mean sure, I don’t want ANYONE, much less a female to feel victimized in any substantive way whatsoever. But it seems to me the current herd of bleating fucks that refer to themselves as ‘feminists’ these days are just a group of deluded cunts who seem to think exclusivity is the same as equality. Case in point above.

And if anyone calls me sexist because I abjectly REFUSE to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, I will laugh in their bespectacled face.