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The Argument For Vaccination


Happy Monday, kids! Okay, the above information would have been all neat and good if it weren’t for the comment at the end. NO SCIENTIST WORTH HALF A SHIT WOULD MAKE SUCH A STATEMENT. A good scientist has the tremendous fortune -and in many cases, the grand opportunity- to be wrong. You see, a scientist who’s convinced himself to be 100% correct, with nary a shadow of a doubt, will never advance in his/her knowledge. In fact, I’d be willing to say that person is not a scientist; most likely the fucker is a pundit.

Look, while I’m still willing to have vaccine administered to my children, I’ve read accounts and had a close friends experience a drastic change in her child immediately after receiving a vaccine. So clearly SOMETHING fucking happened that rewired this child’s chemistry to where she now has to avoid sugars, glutens, and every other delicious thing on this fucking planet lest she become devoid of any joy in her personality. And since it happened IMMEDIATELY after the vaccine, it’s fair to suspect it as the main culprit.

So we have a lot of studies to make before we conclude shit one way or the other. But just to be on the safe side, you might try not drawing your conclusions based on what some random person says on a website mostly devoted to talking shit about people’s pictures.

In other words, save that shit for Pinterest or something.

You Just KNOW the Daily Double’s In There, Too…



Easy shit, ya stupid crackers…

By the way, a black friend of mine showed up to another mutual friend’s house a few years back with his newborn son, and I asked him what his name was. “Langston,” he replied. “Oh, like Langston Hughes?” I asked, to which he responded with an astounding yes. Clearly noticing his mystified response, I said, “Oh, you didn’t think I know America’s most renowned African American poet?” “A little,” he said, “All my other white friends thought I named him after Lawrence Fishburne’s character on CSI.”

White people are so stupid.

*NOTE: It can be argued that Maya Angelou is America’s most renowned African American poet. But she’s a chick. C’mon, guys, get with the brogram!!!!*