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Ducking The Issue


Happy Mondays, kids! Man, I really didn’t want to talk about this shit. Facebookers have been relentless in their ignorance regarding A&E’s decision to suspend Phil Robertson from appearing on his own show because of some things said during an interview they most likely set up for him with GQ. And when I say relentless, I really mean so damn dedicated to their opinion that no amount of ACTUALLY READING THE ARTICLE will deter them whatsoever. But then I found out someone asked “reverend” Jesse Jackass what he thought about the whole thing. And you can guess how ridiculously over the top he went on his response, relating what the Duck Dynasty patriarch said as somehow worse than the bus driver who told Rosa Parks to move to the back of the bus. No, really. The fucker actually said this.

So here’s my bullshit opinion on the whole thing:

First off, I actually read the article. Twice. He claimed that the blacks where he grew up weren’t treated badly because they were on an even keel. In no way, shape, or form did he imply, claim, infer, or, more importantly, SAY that the Jim Crow era South “wasn’t that bad.” And assholes all over the place such as GLAAD and “the reverend” should consider themselves lucky he’s a Christian man who doesn’t need their dirty-ass money, because I truly believe he has a world’s worth of legal clout against you lying motherfuckers.

But here’s where I think my hesitance to write this comes in. I don’t agree with his bible-based views on homosexuality. But I can’t help but feel it was misrepresented in its own way; and I KNOW most of you just absorbed the Cliff’s Notes version of the interview from your hypersensitive blowhard friends on social networks. He paraphrased scripture and listed off a number of sins Christians viewed back when there was a place called Corinth that wasn’t an elocutionally-backwards Texas city. If your problem is the scripture itself, do yourself a favor: ADMIT YOUR SHIT. Don’t harass and bully some grizzled celebrity just because he’s brave enough to remind you of what your hated tome actually says. If you sincerely feel dismay toward the idea that some organic book written and re-written time and again by no deity AT ALL, and the very idea that a genetic, natural occurrence is automatically a sin, then trying to kill one of the more famed messengers is a truly misguided path. Are you feeling me, here? Calling the man a bigot and asking for a TV network to cancel a show you don’t even watch is just about the DUMBEST fucking thing you could possibly do. Educate, don’t obfuscate, ya fucking clown shoes.

And learn to read a goddamn article all the way through, ya lazy bitches.